martes, septiembre 18, 2012

Un Aleph donde moran los cristales

¿Cuántas leguas han soñado
 nuestras lenguas sin hablar?

Risas en los rizos de la niebla
Nubes en los labios de un volcán  

Él dibuja su historia sobre un árbol
 Ella moja su péndola en el mar  

3 comentarios:

Nicole B dijo...

How many tongues have our tongues
dreamed without speaking?

Smiles in the curls of fog
Clouds on the lips of the volcano.

He draws a story on a tree
And she dips her pen in the sea.

....the last couplet is my favorite.

Metafora Zero dijo...

Quite good, Nicole ¡ You just missed the first line. It reads "leguas" which means "leagues" in English. I was just playing with the sounds and meanings. Cheers ¡

Nicole B dijo...

I suppose that I am stuck on tongues and languages, so much so that they're on repeat. ;) I will read more carefully next time :)