lunes, septiembre 10, 2012

La punta de los pies en un océano

En arcos mis pestañas
Desmantelando lentes

Rebosados los ojos
 de un instante
rompen fuente

En mi sangre transitas
Eres tú de repente 

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Nicole B dijo...

Surface tension

In the first grade they taught us about surface tension.
There was a glass almost brimming over with water. We dropped pennies in. One after another. One after another. They were more like secret messages sent to an invisible addressee than wishes dropped into a well; the sensation that someone somewhere was getting them without ever seeing them arrive. Our tiny investments made the glass threaten to overflow. What anticipation. A mystery like that can fill you up, make you almost burst.

Metafora Zero dijo...

What a nice image you have given birth to ¡ It made me think of something I wrote years ago. Do you think there is a common theme there?